Restaurant Review: The Surf Club, Hubbards, Nova Scotia


What Did We Expect?

If someone suggested you dine at the Surf Club, touted to be “Best Authentic Somethingorother of 2013 in Nova Scotia,” what would you expect? Mariah Carey has dined there. Charles and Diana dropped in once. What will it be like? Besides damaging to the wallet. I mean, are we carrying the appropriate wardrobe?

Well, there aren’t any other restaurants in Hubbards (40 km along the South Shore from Halifax), especially not places serving gluten free food, so we thought we’d risk our budget and try it.

What Did We Get?
Should have known. This is, after all, the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The Surf Club is a low, barn-like structure, a single huge room inside, made of recycled materials from a WWII army barracks. It has been in the same family since 1935, when Guy Harnish was persuaded to cater a Gyro Club convention in his barn, using a copper kettle from a US frigate that was a trophy from the War of 1812. He’d been using the kettle to feed his cattle, but it washed up good.
And eating there is an authentic Nova Scotia experience. You pay for your lobster (lobsters are never cheap) but pretty much everything else, namely a bottomless mussel pot, a big salad bar and a great dessert, comes as part of the deal. The wine list has about an 80% markup. (We ate at an Italian restaurant in Toronto last week where it was about 600%.)
The salad was good, the lobster was lobster (gluten free, of course), and we were sorry it wasn’t tomorrow, because they have a live band Saturday night.
All in all, definitely an authentic Nova Scotia experience.
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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