Mutation, by Nerys Wheatley

I’m always interested when someone takes a standard format and uses it in a new way. I mean, I read far too many zombie stories. But what about a tale of recovered zombies, who have become the latest visible minority to be trampled upon?

And just to make it more interesting, drop the main character, a Survivor policeman, into an outbreak of the zombie plague that has mutated into a quicker, nastier version. Then saddle him with a sidekick who is the most annoying bigoted twit you ever want to meet.

And then watch a relationship develop between the two. Which it does. Sort of like two brothers who each can’t stand to see the other one win.

This story is well-written, with great characters, plenty of detailed action and tons of suspense. It is also a typical zombie story, with thousands of shambling humanivores eating people alive, spreading guts and gore in large quantities.

Highly recommended for the zombie fan who likes a good dose of sibling rivalry.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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