“As Wings Unfurl” by Arthur M. Doweyko

This is a modern paranormal story of the “Guardian Angel Becomes Mortal for the Sake of Love” variety. But the promised love story rather fades as the action progresses: a lost opportunity for more depth to the humanity of the characters.

The plot involves the common people involved in the unraveling of a millennia-old conspiracy: Apple Bogdanski, the object of Angela the Angel’s affections; Shilog the Sherpa and Yowl the Yeti, transported from Nepal to New York completely by mistake. And all the various Roman Catholic priests involved in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, the hidden base of the evil angels. Since the final objective of the bad guys is to start a holy war that will end with humanity extinguishing itself, a discussion of the nature of good and evil is inevitable

The last half of the book is non-stop action, climaxing (rather early, I thought) with a great angel-vs-gargoyle air battle above St. Patrick’s. Our heroes stymie every ploy by the enemy, only to be presented in turn with a new threat. Every time one of the angels, good or evil, is knocked out, he or she somehow returns to life and escapes to return to the fray. This is a technique that can be overused, but it certainly keeps the action going.

If I had a complaint, I would wish that the writing be clearer on details: whether the angels bleed or not, whether a certain policeman is in uniform or in a grey suit. Small distractions, but they pull the reader out of immersion in the story. So do the frequent point-of-view changes.

Recommended for action thriller fans.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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