The Sacrifice by Mia McKimmy

This is a book written for fourteen-year-olds, but no early teenager should go anywhere near it. I mean, I know that hormones have their effect, but the idea that it is in any way normal for a group of people to spend their adult lives in a frenzy of lust and violence is rather unbelievable. Because that’s the point of well-written Fantasy: believable characters in unbelievable circumstances.

In this case the circumstances arise when a spaceship load of refugees that look human but have superhuman powers comes to earth and settles in our midst. The good ones sate their need for blood with a synthetic serum. The bad ones treat humans like cattle, to be fed from. Hence the conflict of the story. Did I forget to mention that earth has witches?

All of these aliens are preternaturally beautiful, powerful, and completely concerned with sex and violence, at a very early-teen level. The very idea of an adult using “Right back at you,” as the response to an insult does make me wonder at the maturity of the intended audience. As well as the casual sexual chatter that is only made politically correct by the fact that the women speak that way as well.

However, once we get the juvenile hormones and one-dimensional character development out of the way, the plotline rescues the story. The female main character, Riana, is neatly trapped into unwilling but voluntary captivity by Vind, her lover’s pathological twin brother, and the rest of the story flows from there. A brief hiccup into inanity occurs when the plot needs help, and we bring in a Norse deity out of almost nowhere, but he’s such a cute little imp we almost forgive the lapse.

So, between Sci-Fi vampires, homegrown witches and Norse demi-gods, there’s quite a mixture in this story, and as a result it’s amazing that it rather comes together at the end.

I cannot quite think who to recommend this story to. I enjoyed the plotline and the two main characters, while being put off by the juvenile characteristics of the other characters and the writing. Perhaps it will appeal to people who like their Romances simple, steamy and violent. Definitely not for your 14-year-old son. Or daughter, for that matter.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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