Madam Tulip by David Ahern

“Madam Tulip” is a story of characters. Big, colourful supporting characters, painted with broad strokes. Slightly over-the-top minor characters with pizzazz. And a fully rounded, sympathetic main character with a wry sense of self-deprecation that you’re going to love.

This is the story of Derry, a starving actress who decides that her only way of making a living is to find a practical way to cash in on her unreliable psychic ability. Enter Madam Tulip, Reader to the Stars.

Of course, the stars she reads for turn out to have their own neuroses, amatory problems, and minor legal peccadillos, into which Derry (aided by her self-destructive sense of empathy) allows herself to be drawn. Things go from bad to worse, from drugs to death, and soon she finds herself in serious trouble that even she could not have foreseen.

Characters of note are her flamboyant artist father, her pretentious and hyper-successful mother, her enthusiastic and star struck best friend, her needy supermodel customer, and…why are you reading this? Go pick up a copy. I predict hours of enjoyment, laugh-out-loud moments, and nail-nibbling tension, and just plain fun.

Highly recommended to fans of the slightly-larger-than-life, although true action-adventure or detective novel aficionados might cavil at the generous use of coincidence to further the plot.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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