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The Capture the Cover Contest for “Storm over Savournon” we ran a few months ago is over, and the winners have been announced. They are the mother-and-daughter team of Olena Chemeris and Julia Badayeva. Their analysis:

This story took place in the late eighteenth century, in a town in the southeast corner of
France known as Savournon. As reflected in the darkening sky, unforeseen
consequences in the lives of young locals were about to unravel.

These two young people had spent their earlier days growing together.
Their wealthy and well known families around the city would have
already pictured this young couple getting married. A young gentleman
had dreamt of spending the rest of his days with a young lady, he saw
no other future for himself and the lady would share his vision for
their future together until…

While away on a trip to Paris, this young lady had met a young military officer and
had fallen for him. His service to the French monarch in Paris would not allow the
couple to see each other so only the letters that they had written to each other
every day would let them stay connected. The young gentlemen didn’t want the
relationship between the two to continue and he had mobilized all his thoughts to
getting the lady’s heart back.

It is in this book that the fates of these three lovers will be told…

Those who read the book will see that, while they got some of the details wrong, they had the genre and the conflict pretty well nailed (And the setting. With a bit of help from Google Maps, I suspect). As a lot of you did, telling me that the cover does its assigned task of telling people what to expect inside. I appreciate the feedback.

Other entrants will have received their copies of the eBook by now. If they didn’t show up, please give me a boot.

Thanks to all, and we hope you enjoy the story.

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