“ShegoraTH” by Dima Tsyptsiura

This is a book of undefined genre, written when the author was young, then revised much later. This mature second look gives depth to the initial naïve approach. When you consider that the author’s country of origin is at the moment being attacked by an absolute dictator, it gives an even more powerful touch. However, the final result is perhaps not as effective as the author might hope.

The work deals with the futility of absolute power. There have been billions of words written on this theme over the past thousand or more years, but this author chooses to discuss the power to do good.

The fantasy setting is a vision of the universe as cyclical and malleable, a place where universals can be achieved in order  to explore their usefulness and value.

At places the style of writing approaches poetry, in others it is straight prose. The presentation is direct, often breaking the fourth wall and speaking straight out, author-to-reader. Part of the story seems to be real life, part of it video games, part fantasy.

The plotlines of the interwoven stories are often childish, whimsical and difficult to take seriously, but there is meaning in those flights of fancy. Wielding ultimate power, whether through magic or technology, whether used for evil or for good, always goes wrong in the end.

To reach the ultimate goal in life we must turn elsewhere, and I leave it to you and the author to figure that out between you.

An experimental project that tries hard, with some success. Worth a quick look; it’s less than 150 pages.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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