“We All Have Our Demons” by Gerrard Tyson

“Demons” is a novella of about a hundred pages, Paranormal Fantasy with a touch of humour. It involves two separate settings: a college campus in the real world, and hell.

The main strength of this book is the balance of the writing. We get just enough description to orient us and pull us in, but never enough to bore us. We get enough action at the right places to entertain us. There are conflicts at several levels, and they all blend nicely together, with a constant strain of humour that never intrudes, but adds to the fun of the reading experience.

My one complaint is that the story is rather light in tone. After all, these girls are about to meet a real demon, and while they talk about being frightened, I never felt really worried for them. Of course, that’s the problem with having the story partly from the point of view of the demon. It tends to curtail the suspense when we’re sympathetic to the being that should be the villain.

So I was definitely disappointed when the story ended at a hundred pages and he hadn’t done anything remotely evil yet.

I’m hoping for a sequel where the demon and his human familiar get into some real trouble. But not so much of it that it spoils the fun.

Recommended for fans of light, humorous fantasy. “R” rated for graphic sexual activity.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)




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