“The Cautionary Tales: Reimagined Nursery Rhymes for a Post-Trump World” by Linus Bryn

Nursery rhymes are famous for their hidden political commentary, so making parodies of them would seem to be a fine source for ironic humour. Enter the Post-Trump World. This looks like a kid’s book of rhymes, and the best part of it is the polished, professional and creative art work.

The best use of parody is when the original work shows through, and when the theme of the original has some ironic connection to the personality of the target. “There Was a Crooked Man” is perhaps the best example of this.

The weakest poem in the book is a version of “Wynken, Blynkin and Nod,” which is a gentle little poem with no underlying irony, which gives it little to say about the political figures it characterizes.

It’s too bad this book is coming out now, because one thing it is not is anything to do with a post-Trump world. This is the kind of book that resonates because it is topical, and once it is no longer current, it loses its spark.

A glance backward to a time most of us would rather forget.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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