“Surviving Crazy” by Frank Crimi

The title of “Surviving Crazy” may give a good idea of the main conflict of this novel, but it’s also a good description of the experience of reading the book. When you have baseball teams named the “Raleigh Tar Stains” and the “Arizona Prickly Heat,” that gives a pretty good idea of what you’re in for.

Krimi’s humour cuts a wide satyrical swath through American society: Sports, small-town politics, survivalists, local militias, fast food franchises, near-death experiences, and the list just gets weirder from there.

And then, when you don’t think things can get any stranger, it happens: the cataclysmic event that the survivalists have all predicted. Some kind of super-solar flare interferes with everything electrical on earth. And suddenly a lot of people, including our hero, are thrown on the resources of…each other. Considering the fragmented state of American society today, this has to result in complete disaster or a lot of humour. In this case, both.

The humour in this writing is low key, wacky, and creative. We don’t get many belly laughs, but are hit with a constant barrage of “you think that’s weird; now look at this.” And somehow it keeps on getting wackier, and it keeps us amused.

A fun read with something to say about American life today.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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