“Master of Malice” Box Set by Cas Peace

The final trilogy in the sweeping “Artesans” Epic Fantasy

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Those of us who have been following this series have noted the occasional dip into the more horrific side of human nature. At the end of the last trilogy we could see a new villain, Baron Reen, developing, and he wasn’t dealt with in a very permanent manner.

So when the new trilogy starts with “The Scarecrow,” and continues with “The Captives,” the future is looking grim for the good guys.  

This trilogy shows a narrowing of focus from the former epic scope of the earlier books. Now we have moved from the sweep of worlds to the inner torments of the human soul. As such, “Scarecrow” would be a possible entry into the series, if you haven’t read the rest. Of course, once you finished you’d just have to go back to Book 1 to find out how the whole thing developed.

Structurally, the whole nine-book series holds together very well. It shows the inevitable progress of a society that allows and encourages certain all-too-human behaviours, and the difficulty of those who have higher motives to fight against the evil that results.

“Master of Malice” is a series not to be missed, even if you haven’t read the other six books.

Recommended for students of the nastier corners of the human mind. Oh, yes, and horror fantasy fans.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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