“The Final Wars Begin: Final Wars Trilogy 1” by S. A. Asthana

“Final Wars Begin” is the story of what would be World War IV except the battle is between the space colonies that survived humankind’s third attempt to annihilate ourselves. The main character is a former soldier who refused to follow immoral orders and became a fugitive as a result. He returns to New Paris, in the sewers under the remains of the original City of Lights, to try to hide.

Unsuccessfully, we find out in the first chapter, when the non-stop violence begins. The plotline consists of a continued series of battles involving citizen soldiers, cyborgs and pure robots that fight and slay each other in a welter of blood and frying circuits. In between battles, a cadre of larger-than-life comic-book leaders posture and scheme. There is lip service to a theme in the main character’s moral quandary, but he is too busy killing people and escaping robots to spend much time on it.

This is the first book in a series, so the ending only wraps up some of the plot strings, leaving the main conflict to be continued.

“Final Wars Begin” is pornography of violence with a veneer of Sci-Fi, a graphic novel with the mayhem described in words. I hesitate to use the term “recommend” in regards to this book; anyone who will like it probably shouldn’t be reading it for the sake of his social development. Of course, most people of that sort will take this comment as the highest form of praise. So I leave it to the reader to decide.  

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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