“Serenade” by Heather McKenzie

Every teenage romance should have a side story to keep it interesting — a hobby or sport or activity that gives the tale that added kick. A 24-hour Death Race through the Rockies in Banff National Park ranks up there at the top. Add to this an overprotected young heiress under the control of her much-hated billionaire father, a handsome hunk of a bodyguard, and a well-meaning and fatally attractive kidnapper, and you have the grounds for some serious conflict. 

The story revolves around Kaya, her thoughts, her feelings, and her aching desire to be free. And also her aching desire for the sculptured male bodies that swirl around her, of course. While the supporting cast tends towards stereotype, the main character is fully formed and develops further through the story. She is an empathetic, fiery character, full of desire and strength and self-doubt, in typical teenage fashion.

Of course, the more discerning reader must remember that this story is written for young adults; one’s suspension of disbelief is sometimes stretched to the limit by the choices Kaya makes. But I suppose teenage girls in love can do some pretty stupid things. And since the intended audience for this book is teenage girls, for them I suppose it adds up fine. 

Another strength of the writing is the plotline, which has some interesting twists, allowing for characters to change sides in the conflict, with unpredictable results. 

Highly recommended for fans of YA Romance of the more mature sort. 

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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