“The Eden Chip” by Scott Cramer

This novel starts with an active, tense opening chapter using a literary device I am seeing too often lately but I won’t reveal it and spoil your fun. The action continues throughout the book, with a complicated plot that moves from shifting alliances and complex politics all the way to questioning reality.

Cramer has a smooth writing style, with all the plot points carefully thought out to blend together.

However, the reader has trouble making an empathetic connection with the characters. This is mostly because of the usual problem with changing points of view. It’s very convenient for the author to be able to feed us information about what’s happening in three different places, and show us the feelings of three different people, but when the POV switches around the circle often – several times in the same chapter, in some places – it is hard to keep our emotional contact with the characters, especially when their objectives are different or even conflicting.

The action is intense, especially near the end, when the physical conflict goes on for so long, as the characters keep getting more and more wounded, that we begin to wonder whether there will be anyone left alive at the end. Once again, this removes us from emotional contact with the characters and lessens the suspense, rather than intensifying it.

A hard, fast paced story for those who don’t want to get too involved.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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