“Morgan le Fay: Small Things and Great” by Jo-Anne Blanco

This is a lovely retelling of the Arthurian Legend from a different point of view. The power of the writing is in the magical, musical descriptive language. The plot abounds in mystical happenings, and mythical creatures from the highest Greek and Roman gods to the smallest pixie play their parts. Fantastical settings, both wonderful and terrible, are described in fine poetic detail.

The other appealing part of the tale is Morgan. The story takes place in the real world and several faerie realms, but all of it happens inside the girl’s head. She is a fully rounded, fascinating character, made even more intriguing by our knowledge that the Arthurian legends have her placed in the ranks of the villains, with Merlin as the hero. This story seems to be working that backwards.

My only complaint is the placing of her age at 5 years old. Besides the practical difficulties of her society allowing a child so young the freedom to do what this character does, there is the psychological impossibility of having so many adult ideas swirling around in her head. I think most readers are aware that children of that age are just becoming aware of the society around them. The thoughts in Morgan’s philosophy would be much more appropriate from a precocious twelve-year-old, and since it’s Fantasy, we could push that down to ten. A five-year-old thinking in such a mature way produces the dreaded, “Oh, come on!” reaction which tosses the reader out of connection with the story and the character.

Likewise, the depth of the philosophy and the length of its discussion, both in her head and with others, raises the reading level of what could be a great children’s novel up to older Young Adult, although the cover seems aimed at children.

Otherwise a wonderful story, beautifully written. Recommended for experienced fans of traditional Fantasy, especially Arthurian Legend buffs.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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