“Where Have All the Elves Gone?” by Christian Warren Freed

There are all sorts of Fantasies about someone who suddenly discovers that elves and ogres and things that go bump in the night have been living among us all along. Some of the most interesting ones involve an organization designed to hide this situation. Slipping over into Action Adventure-Conspiracy Theory, one sub-genre includes a government agency tasked with this objective.
Add to this a main character who is a novelist well known in both worlds for his fantasies about these very creatures, and you’ve attracted my interest. There is a delightful irony in someone who creates new realities and then discovers what the reality of his reality is like. If you catch my drift. One muses whether autobiography is involved.
Then add some great action sequences: sword fights, car chases, magical contests and military firefights. The last ten chapters are pretty much straight action, involving a complex number of characters and agencies and the resulting convoluted plotline.
I did note some small errors like point-of-view shifts and the odd awkward sentence that mar the quality of the writing, which otherwise flows smoothly. The book has been competently proofread, but one pass through by a good editor might be useful.
Good modern realistic Fantasy with great action, a bit rough in the writing.
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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