“Heartsong” by Annie Douglass Lima

Heartsong is a Sci-Fi novel of the subgenre that might be called “Initial contact with alien race.” If you’re willing to buy the rather questionable premise that sets off the problem – the decision by earth authorities not to contact the alien race they are intruding upon – the rest of the plotline is very well thought out. One circumstance leads to and builds on the next very smoothly. I was especially taken by the situation near the end where the main character is forced to look at everything that happened to her from a different point of view. A lesson to us all.
In a novel of this sort, the amount of attention the author has paid to the creation of the alien culture and physique is very important. These aliens are well within the realm of the “could be true,” as are their reactions and emotions. Sort of humanoid in shape and psyche, but different enough to be interesting.
The human characters and their reactions to the conflict are completely realistic, especially the main character, Hope, a loner and Science Fiction fan who is primed to adapt to an alien culture. Perhaps too primed to be analytical about what is happening to her. Which sets up the conflict for the rest of the story.
A carefully planned, well written novel, suitable for adults, young and old.
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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