“Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas” by Kayelle Allen

As you might suspect from the title, this book is not a complete novel. It is the lengthy introduction to what promises to become an epic series.
As such, there are certain expectations that the prospective reader must get straight. Because of the epic nature of the project, do not expect subtle characterization. These people – and I use the term loosely – are huger-than-life, archetypical monsters. Even the human character has superhuman qualities. They also have superhuman egos, and give way to larger-than-life emotions. In a word: melodrama.
Likewise, because this is only the beginning of a serial, don’t expect an intricate plotline or multiple threads. The story mainly concerns a male bonding ritual between two former enemies, and that’s it. Not that it isn’t interesting. It’s fascinating to watch the way in which Pietas, who hates all humans with every iota of his ubermensch soul, is forced into respect and even love for Six, his super-soldier minder, nurse, and the symbol of all of his hate for the human race. Perhaps not enough to create the story arc for a whole novel, but sufficient for an introduction. If you’re looking for the Space Opera to beat all Space Operas, a glance at this series may be worth your time.
Recommended for those who like their Space Opera Wagnerian in scope.
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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