“History in 60: Khan of Mongol, Emperor of China” published by in60 Learning

With the advent of the Internet and self publishing, new formats and new ways of presenting material are to be expected and encouraged. It will take a while before we figure out which material matches which format. The History in60 program is a good example of work in progress, with some areas coming through clearly, and others not working so well. History in60 does what its name suggests; it encapsulates an important era in an hour’s worth of reading. How well this works depends on the material chosen and the skill with which it is presented.
Material and Format
The material on Kublai Khan suffers from the same problem as the in60 work on the French and Indian War I reviewed previously. One type of material that does not condense well into paragraph form is a time when a lot of battles come one after the other. In other words, the progress of a war or invasion. Perhaps a more graphic presentation would create a more readable form for material like the conquering of the Song Dynasty in China.
Other parts of this story work well. The constant bickering and power shifts involved in the choosing of a new Great Khan come through clearly and in entertaining detail, as does the recounting of the progressive social programs Kublai pursued.
Writing Style
Once again, I must mention that the academic area requires a more accomplished writing style than normal fiction. The problem in this book is that some of the chapters depend on weak translations, which do not recommend the material to either the casual student trying to read it or the teacher deciding if it is appropriate for the class.
Good information that could be presented better.
3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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