Raven’s Wing by Shawna Reppert

“Raven’s Wing” is not quite as complex as the novel I raved about a few weeks ago, the title book of the series, “Ravensblood.” It is still definitely worth picking up.
In this story, Cassandra has moved up to working with a more independent group of agents, and Raven volunteers with them on the odd interesting job. However, when he gained his pardon, it was not considered safe for him to keep the Ravensblood, the stone of power that he alone could wield. Thus Cassandra’s next job is to find the talisman, which has been stolen from under the noses of the best security the Three Communities could muster.
And even that doesn’t last. The prejudices of the community against Raven conspire to get him blamed for the theft and the subsequent murders of Guardians sent to work on solving the crime. Then all Cassandra’s workmates are fired from their jobs for helping her.
In order to get himself cleared of the charges, Raven is forced to do something he hates; depend on others for help. His new allies include Cassandra’s friend Chuckie, who takes the role of hi-tech computer nerd to a magical level. He is a personality all his own, as is Bran, a mysterious Australian magic man who knows much more about Raven than he should.
As one learns to expect from Ms. Reppert, this book abounds with entertaining characters, tight suspense, and enough steam to satisfy diehard Romance readers. However, the personality sparks that showered between Raven and Cassandra have faded to a more mature, enduring (and hence less entertaining) love. So “Raven’s Wing” is not the tour de force that the first book in the series was, but it is still a highly enjoyable read.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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