“Work of Art: an Intention of Flowers” by Ken la Salle

This is a real “oner” as my mother-in-law used to say. It’s a book about the originality in art and how it applies to the originality in people. And don’t let that put you off. This is a story about people. About original, one-of-a-kind people who don’t do what you expect them to, but when you look into it, their action was completely logical. At least to them.

The main character is Andy, an art teacher who isn’t sure if he’s an artist. Or a teacher. As a character, he’s certainly a work of art, though, as we watch him come up against art that he doesn’t understand, made by people he is trying to comprehend. Several of whom are his future students. This leads him to places he never expected to go, including constant run-ins with the police. And through it all he stumbles on, a bemused look on his face, trying to understand life, and art, and most of all, people. Sort of like the rest of us.

Likewise, he is fumbling through the process of living, as are the other characters in the book. This is a story about attempts that fail, but other successes come out of them, due to the artistry of human nature.

A favourite character of mine is Winnie, the crusty school secretary with a heart of…but you don’t want me to ruin the surprise, do you? You’ll just have to meet her and see for yourself.

And just like when art meets reality, this story doesn’t always keep up to the intentions of the artist. There are times when it flags, times when the plot starts to falter. But then something unexpected happens, and we’re off again on the rollercoaster that is life.

An original storyline, highly recommended for fans of original, character-driven writing.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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