“Turing Test Girlfriend” Society Agent Series Book 5 by Shaun J. McLaughlin

I suggested in my review of the other books in this series that there was a danger, because of the restricted scope of the conflicts, of the stories becoming too similar. So go ahead, Mr. McLaughlin, and prove me wrong. I can take it.

And he has. This book is definitely a step up in several areas. The danger is more acute. The theme (citizenship for the not-quite-human) will soon become topical. The science is more advanced. And the main character has matured as well. The emotional involvement is deeper. Conflict exists at more levels.

There is a thoughtful and satisfying ending, leaving the promise of further adventures, perhaps with two heroes now.

Highly recommended to Space Opera, Sci-Fi, and Light Romance fans for a light, quick read (35 pages).

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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