Netanyahu Goes to Court

It is an unfortunate element of human nature that the victims of abuse learn that violence is a way to deal with others. The mythical vampire turns its victims into vampires. Sexual abuse victims become perpetrators. And now the victims of genocide are treating another people in the same way they were wronged.

Historical Wrongs

I have always supported the Israeli state’s right to exist. When a people has been targeted for annihilation, they deserve help from the rest of us. The perpetrators were a blight on the human race, and we needed to stop them.

However, this moral stance means I now have to look at the Palestinians through the same lens. They have been mistreated badly by a superior military power to the point where they have found it necessary to make a physical response. Now their abusers are using that action as an excuse to wipe them out. The language of the Zionist leaders of Israel is distressingly similar to that of the Nazis, past and present. The worst part of it: they can’t see that what they’re doing is wrong.

In past posts I have suggested that Netanyahu and his advisors to be called to account. 

And now the UN judges agree with me. Israel has been warned that their actions may be interpreted as genocide. Whoopee ding. So what?

How Effective Was This Ruling?

For starters, it does little for Palestinians today. Commentators are all agreed that it will take years for the case to work through the system.

There was no use in demanding a ceasefire. Israel would just refuse to comply. This demonstrates the major handicap of the UN: the use of veto in the security council.

The clever ploy was telling Israel to take better care of civilians and to report back in a month. This keeps Israel talking, at least pretending to cooperate, still acknowledging the authority of the court.

A minor advantage is the effect on other countries. Now that the official word is out, they all have to worry about aiding and abetting the actions of potential lawbreakers.

The Zionist Response: Predictable

“If you’re against us you’re a Nazi.” This all-or-nothing logical stick has been used to beat many dissenters, including trade unions and socialists, and it has become rather threadbare as time goes by. The right-wing Zionists have an agenda they are not shy to admit: get the Palestinians out of Israel. The holocaust is no excuse for their present actions. The world knows it, and the UN has put them officially on notice.

The Bottom Line

Israel is in the process of destroying its image on the world stage. It is in danger of becoming isolated, possibly even considered a rogue state. Of course, isolation is a position the Jewish people have endured for centuries, so it won’t affect their behaviour.

It is cold comfort to the people of Gaza, but eventually the perpetrators of their agony will be brought to justice. The fastest way to solve the problem rests with the Israeli people. Get rid of Benjamin Netanyahu, blame him for the whole thing, and get on with the job of making peace with the Palestinians.

An Interesting Postscript

Consider the wishy-washy response of both Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau to the situation. Both these leaders are in a life-or-death battle to win their next election, yet neither will take a hard line with Israel. Just how powerful is the North American Jewish lobby? Especially in Canada, where there are about twice as many people of Arabic background. Perhaps it isn’t the number of votes, it’s the financial support each group can provide. If one was a conspiracy theorist, one might wonder…

And Also

Hamas took advantage of Israel’s internal political wrangling to strike while the enemy was distracted. I hope the Americans haven’t lost their concentration on the bigger world picture. Or is Ukraine the lamb the US will sacrifice to solidify its influence in Europe?

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