Welcome to the Darwinian Wave: Real Canadians Will Have Their Say


It has been a bad year for Canada’s sense of self-worth. We thought we were a kind, inclusive society. The stress of COVID and imminent global disaster has shown us the mirror, and it’s a muddy image. It turns out that we have a larger number of racist, selfish people in our midst than we thought, taking advantage of typical Canadian tolerance to push their self-serving agendas.

How Did This Happen?

As I may have mentioned before a few times, our permissive, inclusive society has interfered with Darwin’s principles, and a subculture has been allowed to flourish: antisocial people who take advantage of our tolerant beliefs to avoid the consequences of their behaviour. If we were Neanderthals, a sabre-tooth would have weeded them out ages ago.

Like tolerant parents with misbehaving children, the inclusive nature of our society does not correct them in their anti-social behaviour. After a while, they start to think it’s normal. Then, prompted by their social media echo chambers and real-life klatches, they start to think they’re entitled to behave this way. Parents need to put a foot down, and so does all of Canada.

What Can We Do? Time to Take a Stand

A friend of mine posted recently a caution that confrontation is “divisive.” This is the typical Canadian attitude, and in normal circumstances, I agree. But it only goes so far. There will always be a disaffected segment of society, and they will always try to push their agenda on the rest of us. But there comes a time when we have to put our collective foot down and say, “Enough.” We have to draw a line and say, “You’re either with us or against us.”

This is not unusual. Every law that is ever created in a democracy makes the same choice. It draws the line and says, “Beyond this point, your actions are counter to the public good. Stop or suffer the consequences.”

We have reached that point with two different groups this year, the racists and the anti-vaxxers (I suspect that many of them are the same people). It is time to separate the active anti-socials from the merely undecided. A vaccination passport is a good start. Continued anti-racist messages on all media including social, and re-li action on a community level, will reach some of them. Many of these people are vulnerable to social pressure. We have to counter the negative pressure that has swayed them temporarily toward self-indulgence. We know it is more difficult for some people than for others to get up the nerve to have an inoculation. We’re asking them to go that one extra step for the good of those at risk. Take one for the team, in true Canadian style.

A Warning to the Un-Vaccinated

This is not a threat. It is a timely observation by someone who keeps track of society and social media. I have noticed a change lately. The people who are posting anti-racist and anti-anti-vax messages on social media recently are not just the usual socially active campaigners. Now we are hearing from the kindly, inclusive, average-Canadian types, who have come to the conclusion that certain behaviours are over the line of what they’re willing to put up with. Listen to them. Look around at your neighbours. You’re pushing yourselves out on a limb that is starting to bend.

The Bottom Line: “Nice” Does not equal “Weak”

Your free ride is over. You can’t keep playing your nasty power games and taking advantage of the “Canadian-ness” of the rest of us. Racist and anti-vaccine activities are choices, not rights. Canadian society will not tolerate them, and it is time to accept the consequences of your behaviour.

P. S. On the Political Front

Erin O’Toole’s soft pedal on anti-vaxxers could hurt him in the election. The Vaccination Passport in B. C. was requested by business people who didn’t want to be subject to the whims of the latest COVID wave. Sure, a few selfish and greedy shop owners threatened to disobey the rules, but I suspect that most will listen to the majority of their customers, who say, “We will come to your business if you protect us while we are inside.” He needs more time to get his act (and his party) together.

Justin Trudeau’s loud politically correct protestations and lack of production on all fronts may some day catch up to him. His about-face on Proportional Representation continues to be an albatross around his neck.

Jagmeet Singh has the anti-racism field well covered, and his stand on vaccinations will not hurt him with most of his constituents and a lot of left-leaning “undecideds.”

The Greens’ inability to agree on a leader has sewered them, and I don’t know if they have time to recover. I hope they’ll be able to hold onto their usual two seats at least.

The best election result for Canada looks like a continued minority for the Liberals (all they deserve) with the NDP holding the balance of power.

Which, if we had a Proportional Representation system, would be standard procedure. With First Past the Post, it’s not so likely.


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