The First Lesson from the Election

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Okay, so the banana republic south of the border has a new leader. He’s a nice guy. His Vice President is Wonder Woman in a pantsuit. He talks about the forces of decency, fairness and science. Everyone wants a fair shot. It sounds wonderful, and I wish them all the best of luck, but fairness is not something that happens much in America.

The Democratic Elite – Have They Learned Anything?

The United States doesn’t really deserve to be a unified country. The nation was born in revolution, tempered in civil war, imbued with the spirit of selfish individuality, and hasn’t improved much since. So don’t blame Trump. He’s just the most recent catalyst.

I also don’t blame the Republican National Convention a whole lot. They’re the same dependable bunch of corrupt, self-serving, big business-apologetic political hacks whose modus operandi is to manipulate the voters whom they keep too poorly educated to see what’s being done to them.

It’s the Democratic Party that has screwed up this time. Handing the country over to Trump in the first place was bad enough. Almost losing it the second time smacks of carelessness. Don’t give me that guff about Biden getting more votes than any other presidential candidate. Guess who is second? Last week Trump got 5 million more votes than Hillary Clinton got in 2016. The Democrats just won a squeaker over possibly the worst elected leader in the recent history of democracy. Yeah, team.

When are the Democrats going to realize that their liberalization agenda is too advanced for the American people? There may come a time when a nice guy with a strong black woman supporting him, (better yet, the other way around) is a shoo-in for the presidency, but it isn’t now. And it won’t be four years from now, either. Their plan is pretty obvious. Biden runs a caretaker government for four years, and then Harris takes over, and America has a black woman at the helm. What an accomplishment!

What Idiocy

In case nobody noticed, about 30% of the American population is still socially stranded in the nineteenth century. They are poor, poorly educated, tribal, frightened and fair game for any manipulators who come along. Like the Republican National Convention.

Can you guess the number of adult citizens of United States who think it is perfectly natural for a person to stroll down the street carrying a hidden firearm? Asking these people to make even the simplest moral decision is an exercise in herding cats. I mean, they look up to Donald Trump, for God’s sake!

Bernie Sanders was the worst thing that could have hit the Democrats. He was 20 (do I hear 50?) years ahead of his time, and he persuaded his party they could fix it all at once. If they keep trying at this pace, they’re going to keep crashing against the rocks of ignorance and fear of change.


The Electoral Colleagues

As in, a group of representatives of the political elite who get together to divide the country up the way they like it.

When it comes to running an election, USA could use some advice from…well, a competent kindergarten teacher would be good. Someone who spends a lot of time organizing undisciplined children. In most countries, the level of government being elected runs the election. Which means that Federal elections are run by the Federal Government, and procedures are thus the same throughout the country. Why won’t American’s do it this way? Because the states won’t allow the federal government one bit of power they don’t have to. Also because the system is manipulatable and gerrymanderable (if there is such a word). These people thrive on a labyrinthine system like the stock market where they can hide all their sneaky tricks, meanwhile fooling most people into thinking the game isn’t rigged.

The Rosy Future

So, Democrats, don’t get carried away with the wonder of what you’ve done. By the mere act of winning, you have further alienated a whole slew of frightened voters. Biden’s speech was a great pep talk, but I imagine many Trump supporters were too frightened and angry to listen.

America has to create a new norm where the concept of thugs with weapons strolling the streets is not acceptable. Placed in their usual context, these thugs are weak, frightened people, and they will mostly disappear back under the rocks from which they crawled. But they should not be forgotten. They are Americans, too, with needs and rights the same as everybody else. As long as they feel marginalized, they will be fair game for the next ersatz messiah who comes along.

The Bottom Line

Fix your health system, your education system and your electoral system. Raise up educated and confident citizens that don’t need guns and demagogues to make them feel empowered. Then maybe you’ll deserve a real democracy. Until then…bananas, anyone?

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