Predictions: The New Normal.

I’m assuming that Covid-19 will not go away at all, and even if it does, we can expect it back, perhaps with mutations, in future years. So Normal will never be the same. Here are some guesses, in no particular order. It will be interesting to view this post in a year or two and see how I did.

  1. Face Masks. Remember how we used to think it quaint that people from Japan and China wore face masks in public? We’ll be rethinking that one.
  2. Home Décor. People will have a stock of face masks, sani-wipes and of course toilet paper in their homes. Must-have 2020 Christmas present: a hand-sanitizing station to place near the front door.
  3. Social Distance. Older people especially will take more care about their social distancing, especially in flu season. In general, people will stand and sit farther apart.
  4. Flu Shots. A lot more people will be getting their flu shot. Maybe even other shots.
  5. Science. Maybe, just maybe, the general population will listen less to the self-serving idiots and their fake news, and listen to the scientists. Dream on.
  6. New Terms. Hitler went down in the history of language for coining the Big Lie technique, correctly attributed to him as its greatest perpetrator, although he blamed it on his enemies. Likewise, Donald Trump will be forever known as the originator and worst perpetrator of “Fake News.” Many expressions will become “Trumpisms,” and it won’t be a compliment.
  7. Isolation. Perhaps the saddest result is that humans will become more isolated. I can recall, over the years of my teaching career, how gradually it became more and more unwise to touch the students. There may have been good reason for this, but it was certainly a loss, especially in the primary grades. Modern communications methods are very handy, but a lack of contact between humans is counter to our emotional needs. Lack of even simple face-to-face communication is a real loss and will not make it easy to combat tribalism.
  8. Cash. The last one’s a no-brainer. Cash money was set to disappear anyway. This will just hasten the event. I no longer carry coins in my pocket. I have a few bills in my wallet just in case. So, I pay with a bill and get coins in exchange, which then sit on my dresser until they bother me enough to collect them all together and go and buy something with them. Nothing but a hassle. For those of you bemoan in the “reality” of “hard cash,” our money has never been anything more than a promise by the government to back a commercial transaction. Canadian bills don’t bother with the “pay to the bearer on demand” stuff anymore, if they ever did. It’s been many decades since a coin had any real value in silver, copper, or gold. I foresee a time when I’m leaving a store with a bag of merchandise. and the register will say, “Hello, Gordon Long. Your bill is $43.57. Do you agree?” I will say, “I agree.” and that will be it.



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