Merry Christmas to Canada and Beyond

Merry Christmas to SNC Lavalin

Sami Bebawi, executive vice-president from 2000 to 2006, has taken the fall and is paying between 6 and 9 years in prison for his trouble. And for pocketing $30 million of the bribes he was liberally handing out to government officials around the world. SNC investors don’t seem to care. The fine of $280 million is about 3% of their yearly income,

Merry Christmas to Justin Trudeau

The people of Canada have given you a new bike with training wheels. You’ve got 4 years to learn to ride properly, and then maybe they’ll let you take them off.

Happy New Year to Andrew Scheer

Your party has allowed you to bow out gracefully and move on to an occupation to which you’re better suited. Like…? Gee, sorry. We only have answers to the easy questions on this blog.

Happy New Year to My Scottish Kin

Boris and his tribal antics have given you the perfect excuse to get rid of the bloody Sassenachs for once and for all. Going to be difficult prying Britain’s fingers loose, though. Seems to me that a lot of that North Sea Oil will end up in Scottish territory.

Don’t Know What to Say to My Kinsmen in Northern Ireland

Whichever way you go in the new year, it’s going to be a tough slog persuading the Protestants that they’re better off as a minority.

Merry Christmas to American News Media

Just think of all that new opportunity to talk around and around for more months about events where the outcomes are foregone conclusions. Don’t get complacent, though. Predictions for November are going to be a little more difficult.

God Jul to Greta Thunberg

Keep it up, girl. You’ve got the right attitude. Oh, yes, and don’t forget to pass along our blessings to all your mysterious “handlers” who are making so much money off your campaign.

Merry Christmas to All Ages

That means the Great Depression survivors, war babies, boomers, echo boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, millennials, and all those other labels people stick on so they have an excuse to complain about each other. Just remember as the Time of Peace and Joy rolls around that there are only two kinds of people in the world: those older than us, and those younger than us. The older ones are still clinging to the ideals and skills that helped them survive in their world. The younger ones are trying to find ways to survive in a world we cannot predict. Okay, you survived. Good for you. Now go help someone else.

And Most of All…

Merry Christmas to Volunteers

That’s all those people helping others out of the goodness of their hearts. From the Sally Ann bellringer who stands in the cold for hours to the guy who holds the door open for the lady with the baby carriage. All the retirees who give all their time and expertise back to society. All the people who work with seniors, children, the ill and the needy.

Of course, I don’t need to wish more Christmas cheer to volunteers; they already have the secret to happiness.

And a Lump of Coal to the Greedy and the Self-Righteous

Don’t sit in the warmth and safety of your good job and your fancy high-tech office/den/computer room and smugly tell everyone else how to fix the world. Get out and earn the right to be heard by doing something about it.






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