The Green Party Is Doomed — As They Deserve

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The Green Party is not a political party. It is a one-issue power bloc that has hijacked the parliamentary process in order to publicize its agenda.

But don’t worry, folks, they won’t last, because by their very nature they will wither and die. There are two ways to get rid of them:

  1. Make Their Presence Unnecessary.

That’s right. If we were to spread the word about the dangers of climate change and the damage we are doing to the earth, if we were to make this message so important to every voting citizen (and all the other citizens), and if that message got so firmly ingrained into our society that every political party had such a large environmentally-friendly plank in their platform that the most responsible party always won, the Green Party would wither and die.

Oh, yes, and the second way?

  1. Ignore Them.

They’ll eventually wither and die along with the rest of civilized society when our economy collapses under the weight of the rising seas, the increasing heat, the huge magnitude storms and droughts and all the other effects of our willful ignorance and greed.

It’s Up to You, Folks

Which is it going to be? Option one or two? Personally, I can’t stand the suspense. I’m going for option one because I might live long enough to see it happen.

Let’s get rid of that Green Party, and the sooner the better!

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