Silliness for a Good Cause

A friend of mine is having a show of some of his photographs. In this case, its a bunch of guys who grew their facial hair for Movember, in honour of the campaign to cure prostate cancer. None of these are models. They’re just a group of normal fellows who are having fun for a good cause. I think the success of the portraits says a lot about the skill of the photographer and the wonderful ability of humans to let go sometimes and just have fun.

The photographer has given permission to post some of the works here, on the understanding that they are the intellectual property of Dominique Labrosse Photography, and permission to use them in any way must be obtained from the owner at




The venue is the Charles Clark Gallery, 1345 Clark Drive Vancouver, which shares its space with the Strange Fellows Brewing Company, a rather good match for pictures of a bunch of Canadian guys. Showing until December 30. Drop in for a look and a lager.





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