VanIsle 360 Sailing Race

A change of pace this week and next. I’m on the water 8 days out of 15, racing around Vancouver Island. Our boat is Surfrider,  a Santa Cruz 50 out of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, owned and helmed by my long-time favourite skipper Greg Johnson. We have a base crew of 9 who are doing the whole race, and three or four others who will drop in for the legs that need extra help, such as Winter Harbour to Uclulet: 138 nautical miles (250 km) in the open Pacific hopefully reaching across the prevailing Westerlies at great speed.

For now, the boat will be delivered to Nanaimo on Thursday. We all join up there on Friday, and the race starts north up Georgia Strait to Comox on Saturday.

I’ll keep you updated as Internet service allows.

You can follow us on Racetracker:

Keep good watch.


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