A Bad Actor Writing the Script


I’m tired of Donald Trump. So are you. So is everybody. And that’s a very bad thing. Because that means he’s going to get worse.

It’s a common syndrome, most often seen in abused children and rebellious teenagers. They want attention, any attention, it doesn’t matter what kind. Good or bad. The easiest way to get attention is to be bad. So they do something they shouldn’t, and they get a moment’s rush, because it gets them the attention they crave.

But that only lasts a moment. Then they have to do something else. And after a while, the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” syndrome sets in, and people stop being so upset about the acting out, because that’s what is expected of this person. So they stop reacting. “Oh, that’s just Donny being Donny. Ignore him and maybe he’ll go away.”

His solution? Do something badder.

The Higher They Fly…

And so this spiral continues, getting worse and worse until the crash comes. Because it always does. And the longer it holds off, the harder the crash is, and the more likely to cause pain and hardship for others. Think cars, alcohol, drugs, gangs and guns.

Actors Shouldn’t Direct Their Own Show

Our friends south of the border elected an actor for their starring role that includes writing the script and directing the show. That’s a worst-possible-case scenario; usually the actor does his best to entertain the audience, and the director blends the efforts of many different actors to create the show. But there are some actors who can never be allowed to improvise, because they think that as long as the audience is laughing, the show is going fine. What is really happening is that the momentum of the whole show has come to a screeching halt while one performer indulges his ego.

Now apply this to a performer who has cast himself in the leading role as the misunderstood and abused underdog. Add a large dollop of the rebellious teenager attitude, and your president is a TV performer whose only objective is to attract attention to himself. So every week he has to write, direct, and act out a new script with a new conflict that involves the hero (himself) struggling bravely against all the forces arrayed against him. And, like the worst soap opera, there is no connection with reality, no real theme to build on, so the conflict is meaningless. So, like the rebellious teenager, he must make the struggle stronger and more dangerous every time.

And remember, this performer is wholly tied up in his own ego. He cares nothing for the rest of the show, for the other actors, for the viewers. He plays to his own chosen audience, and as long as they’re cheering, he’s getting what he came for.

Until the crash comes.

And now we’re not thinking cars and guns. We have ramped up to the welfare of a nation with an arsenal of atomic bombs to play with.

Let’s hope the crash comes early and not too hard. President of the United States is flying pretty high.

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