Litany of Lies

Original Photo courtesy of NBC News

Original Photo courtesy of NBC News

My comment on the Trump inauguration is short but not sweet. Short because there’s very little new to write about. And you don’t expect anything about this guy to be sweet, do you?

In some ways, Trump is very predictable. His speech was full of his tired old fear-mongering demagoguery and lies. The bleak picture he paints of a country in the depths of decline is a self-serving fiction that only his uneducated and frightened supporters are willing to believe.

The US is in its best financial condition in 30 years, with a yearly growth rate of 3.5%. The unemployment rate is 4.7%. Middle class incomes are finally recovering from the last recession. The crime rate in the US is at its lowest since 1970. And most important, Trump’s reactionary and isolationist policies are going to ensure that America recedes from its dominance of the world economic and political scene.

Because don’t kid yourselves, folks. Americans are in trouble. They have an undemocratic electoral system, a patchwork, non-functioning social safety network, a frightened populace, an out-of-control bunch of yahoos running around with guns, and a violent and xenophobic cultural ethos that is tearing their society apart. And now they have a president who personifies all these problems.

The unfortunate element to all of this is that Trump will be able to ride on the economic wave created by the Obama Democrats and make it look like he’s doing a great job. Four years is not enough time for the true effects of his policies to show up. We can only hope that he screws up badly enough in other ways to get him dumped before he can have too much effect on the social and economic welfare of the country. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Let’s hope that the short-term pain will be worth the long-term gain, and American voters will learn to think before they react in the future.



Although I’m not so sure. Here’s a direct quote from a comment a Trump supporter made on the post I cited above with the data about the US economic situation: “We will get our info directly from the source. We don’t need opinion columnist feeding us crap anymore.”

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