Apple Pie or Abuse?


So the Americans have turned thumbs down to Mom and apple pie in favour of an abusive Pop. And it’s actually worse than that.

There is a major and mostly unforeseen result of the election on Tuesday. And it will lead to the Republicans who supported Trump getting even less change than they wanted.

You see, it all has to do with the ballot complexity I discussed two weeks ago.

Okay, you want change. So you go into the polling booth intending to vote for Trump. Your choice. However, once you’ve done that, you’re faced with 50 more votes, everyone from Senator down to local Animal Control Officer.

And you have no idea. You’ve been having so much fun following Trump’s Medicine Show that you have paid no attention to the other candidates. Well, simple solution. You vote the Republican ticket straight through, no matter what.

And the result of you and a whole lot of other people taking the easy way out is that the Republicans lead in the House, the Senate, and will soon have sewn up the Supreme Court.

And why is this a problem?

Well, the American political system, like most democracies, is set up on a system of checks and balances. The Founding Fathers probably thought that if they set up four segments of government with overlapping powers, there was little chance of one entity getting control of all of them. Because anyone who did so, and especially anyone whose objectives are not the service of their country but the service of themselves, could do a great deal of damage to democracy.

So what you have now is a president whose only objective is to keep himself in the spotlight. He will do anything, say anything, to maintain centre stage. You have a group in the House of Representatives who have proven their complete contempt for anything approaching bipartisan government, in their drive for power, power and more power. And the only thing they see you good for, little American voter, is your vote. They have another four years before they have to start the shell game again, persuading you that they are doing anything to help you out. Remember, these are businessmen. Their objective is to make money for themselves, not for you. A very small number of you might get jobs out of this, but the results of economic isolationism will mean that a whole lot more of you will lose theirs. So forget about change. The news feed from the White House may be more entertaining, but that’s about it.

In fact, the only historical precept the American public has going for them right now is the old advice that the first thing you do after the revolution is to get rid of the revolutionaries. Donald Trump has far exceeded serving his purpose, and his constant upstaging of everyone else is going to get on everyone’s nerves very quickly. I mean, he isn’t really even a Republican, is he?

So as long as Trump continues to go his own merry way, the Republicans in power will have to tippy-toe a bit. However, there are a lot of court cases coming up with the new President as the accused. Do we see an impeachment plan? Darn right we do. Then the Vice-President, a good little Republican yes-man, will take over, and then American democracy is in real trouble.

So, America, welcome to 1940: bigotry, big business, isolationism, and the US tied with Japan for third most powerful nation on the planet: the Republicans flying high, and you with no safety net.

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