A Heartfelt Response to a Heartbreaking Tragedy

This was posted on Facebook last night. I’m sure many parents of young children feel the same. More of the rest of us should. And do something about it.

“I cannot think of a time in my life where I have experienced such profound sadness, rage, and shame from the (in)action of my country and its government.
In past humanitarian crises, Canada has gone directly to ground zero and airlifted people here by the thousands. Now, we have bureaucratic headcount “targets” with zero leadership or actual effort to meet them, leaving it to private citizens and organizations to struggle against that same bureaucracy to even attempt to make some small difference.
Alan is supposed to be here, in Vancouver. He should be one of the kids running, shrieking with laughter around the Aquarium on the weekends. In a couple of years, my own son should have had the chance to meet him on a soccer field or at a summer day camp at Science World. But instead…
He should have been Canada’s son. But we failed him.

There are many of his family, neighbours and countrymen and -women who are still out there, and whom we haven’t (yet) completely failed.
We need to bring them home.”
Posted by Jonathan Long

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