Election Watch #3: Liars or Incompetents?

Canadian Election and the Trial Thereappended*

*Lawyer talk for “stuck on after all the thinking was finished.”
If we were Americans, this would be known as Duffygate. Another one of Stephen Harper’s top advisors, his Director of Issues Management no less, (known in the rest of the world as “spin doctor”) has admitted he didn’t read an email from his boss on the most important issue he was managing that day. I must disagree with Andrew Coyne’s analysis of the PMO as full of liars. It seems it was full of incompetents. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive.
But, no matter my feelings on the sleazebags who have perpetrated this scandal and the morals of the political party that hired them, I’m having trouble working out the connection between what Stephen Harper knew or didn’t know and whether Mike Duffy is guilty of cheating the people of Canada. I hope Duffy’s lawyer makes that very clear, very soon, because otherwise we have a case of someone using the court system to manipulate the election.
Much though I would like to see the Conservatives relegated to third party status – they deserve it for foisting Stephen Harper on us for nine years – I don’t want to see them taken down by unethical means. As I said when George W. dove into Iraq without thinking, beware the guy who does what you want done, declaring that the end justifies the means. He’ll be setting his sights on you, next.

Duffygate Closed Due to Exhaustion, Mostly of the Public’s Patience.
It is going to be so sad when the Duffy trial goes into recess next week and we have to restrict our comments to boring old politics. Oh, well, maybe when the politicians know we’re listening they’ll finally come out of their holding pattern and say something important.

The Economy as an Election Issue.

Basic disconnect: Government’s job is to regulate business and to spend our tax dollars wisely. How can a government base its most important election promise on how much they will not regulate business, except by giving them our tax dollars? The Conservatives have attracted a lot of donations to their election coffers by offering to make things sweet for business. In many other circumstances this would be called a bribe.
And on the topic of government corruption or incompetence: the Chinese government has pretty much destroyed their economy for the moment by manipulating the stock market into a huge rise this spring and by their apparent inability to stop the recent precipitous correction. Given the record of Chinese officials for pocketing much more than their share, the cynic can’t help but wonder why they did this. After all, insiders know how to make money if the market goes up or down. If you knew for sure that the stock market was going to soar and then tank…
I have voiced the suspicion before that the stock market is a device for the knowledgeable to fleece the unwary. The Chinese government has just demonstrated that in spades.
To get back to our problems, the upshot of the “economy” argument has Stephen Harper reassuring us as nauseum that we should stick to his plan (the one that has left us in recession), and Justin Trudeau suggesting that his plan (the one he hasn’t come out with yet) is much better, and Tom Mulcair having trouble persuading people that the NDP won’t spend us into an even bigger hole.
Couldn’t we talk about something a little more connected to the average voter, please?

Quiz Question of the Day
How is an election like watching TV commercials?
Because once in a long while you see something entertaining, but most of the time they just hammer away with the same old tripe, hoping that even poor publicity forces their name into your head.

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